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The thing.

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7/19/05 02:47 pm - rain16

4/7/05 02:13 pm - anorexiccowboy

I dreampt a ghost was shoving me and pulling me
and it looked something like a black dog or jaguar or something...but it was supposed to be a human's spirit.
and it haunted my house and pulled my mattress to the side of the wall, standing up

and then i dreampt brian and i were talking and i said "what do you care what i think anyways" and he said "THATS HORRID! HORRID!"

3/24/05 12:45 pm - anorexiccowboy

my dream started off with me fighting these people in india.
we were on top of this Buddhist temple and i was running from what looked like Tony soprano and they were trying to get this golden head from me.
so i threw it in the ocean.

then i won a million dollars by finding a key to a car, and i won the car too.
and i met these goth kids who were making out on top of my car.

then i was in school.
but the school was giant and unlike the actual school
and i went to this younger kids class, or a group or something.
and these kids were calling me Cindy.
then Sinley.
and i was like yes thats my name i cant remember it though.
and we watched this sing a long movie and then...i went to lunch with justine.
and justine slid across the floor of the gym with Chris betters.

then something about some girl fucking tony soprano.
the end.

3/23/05 11:35 pm - anorexiccowboy

last night I dreampt that connor, justine, aileen, my dogs, my parents, and I got sent to this island. It was a contest...survive a week and win a million dollars. It seemed like a no brainer and so we got helicoptered there.
by the middle of the dream, everyone but connor my parents and i were zombies and there was like a thousand zombie dogs.
including mine.
So my dogs tried to attack me and i had to stab them in the throats. and i cried because i killed them.
by the end, the island was in ruins and connor and i were zombies.
we were riding in a jeep and looking for flesh to eat.
the end.
how romantic.

3/17/05 10:10 am - estoublier

The other day I dreampt that I went out with Justine and Ellen to this ladies apartment and we got some new drug. I took it and then blacked out. When I woke up I was in a mental hospital and these people were questioning me about the death of some girl. I wasnt sure who was killed. But I was a suspect. I had a cut on the front and back of my right arm. Well two cuts. My hair had also grown like three feet even though it had only been two days since I took the drug.

3/15/05 11:32 am - estoublier

Last night I dreampt that I was a sex addict and I had sex with like everyone I saw. I fucked an old man, a hooker...hahah...and like everyone else that I came across. I woke up actually as I was fucking the prostitute.

3/14/05 02:58 pm - anorexiccowboy

I dreampt I talked to Colin on the phone. we talked for hours and hours and I fell asleep on the phone, and woke up, and he was still on it. So i hung up. and he called me the next day and said "i stayed awake listening to you breathe for eight hours last night"

3/10/05 03:08 pm - estoublier

I had a dream that I was starting a rebellion in this weird world and then I was king and I went to this other kingdom on an island. All these people kept attacking my army. Well naturally, since I was trying to take them over. But I knew the secret to destroying them and I won. Then their castle was crumbling and the princess was all oh no. The princess of the island. And I ran like hell. Then this dragon was going to fight me cause I ruined his hiding place and I woke up.

3/10/05 01:52 pm - anorexiccowboy

So i dreampt that aileen and I snuck into this party. this really fancy shmancy party...and we stole all the desserts and ran out. And then i kept throwing up...and i clogged the toilet. and it flooded my whole house. and then i got it unplugged and...
then i was the lead singer in a band (not realy...that much different than how it really is)
and we got famous.
and my mom said my voice sounded squeaky
and we got in a huge fight and my dad always says "HOW DARE YOU TALK TO YOUR MOTHER LIKE THAT" in my dreams lately.
And then my mom found out how really bad my bulimia was in the dream.
and uh then i woke up.
and mr. havens the 9th grade biology teacher was david's dad.
and they hated me, and i was moving to iowa.

3/8/05 10:20 am - estoublier

I had this dream last night that I was in a weird elevator that could travel through time and space and dimensions, but like Id only end up in buildings, 'cause it was an elevator. Anyways it kept going through all these places and I kept seeing these weird people and rooms. Then I was in this room where I saw Adam and Christa and Foxx, and Adam was on the computer wearing my purple fairy shirt and a funny hat. I was like "You have my shirt on." He said "yeah I know". Then he smiled. Anyways then Christa came with me as I continued traveling through the elevator. Then I stopped again, because we were at the same place as before, but my mom was there too. I think she had like purple hair or something though. Oh and Adam liked me. blah blah blah. Stupid dream.
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